Sports &
Racing Pools

  • Lottery-sized jackpots with minimum guarantees across top-tier sports and racing content, including our weekly flagship, the £5,000,000 Colossus

  • Football 1X2, Over/Under 2.5 Goals, Asian Handicap, Correct Score and Both Teams To Score

  • NFL/NBA Point Margin and MVP

  • Tennis Set Betting

  • Racing Race Win, Race Order and Race Place

  • Cash Out available on all pools

  • Consolation prizes with minimum guarantees available on all pools

  • Globally pooled liquidity


Cash Out

  • The 'must have'sports gaming feature, enabling players to 'have their cake and eat it' by banking profits as they progress through the pool

  • Leg-by-leg offers on all Colossus sports pools

  • Cash Out increases player spend and engagement

  • Players who have had at least one Cash Out play twice more frequently and have double the lifetime compared to all Colossus players

  • 90% of tickets that are cashed out on Colossus pools go on to lose so the players win backing a loser

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Colossus Syndicates

  • First ever 'crowdbetting' solution for sports pools with embedded social sharing functionality

  • Players can crowdfund tickets into Colossus pools, either by backing existing Captains or becoming Captains

  • Our interface handles all setup, funding and payout administration so players only have to worry about placing their bets

  • Syndicates can be placed in private or public mode

  • Leaderboard feature gamifies the player experience

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  • A 'free bet' marketing platform to acquire, educate, reactivate, retain and cross-sell players

  • FreePlay interfaces directly into real-money Colossus pools with all the functionality of real-money play

  • Our partners can target players with free tokens into the Colossus pool and jackpot level of their choice

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