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July 12, 2018

Colossus Bets joins forces with Pivit to launch NFL MVP Fantasy jackpots

Colossus Bets, the award-winning pools betting operator, have announced a partnership with gaming company Pivit to develop and distribute NFL Fantasy pools. The new pools will leverage the popular MVP fantasy sports format and Colossus’ unique features, including lottery-size prize guarantees, Cash Out technology, on which Colossus has patent protection in the US, and crowdfunded Syndicate tickets. The deal will further expand Colossus’ portfolio beyond its original sports core, building on from an earlier announcement that the operator will also offer UK and Irish racing pools starting this summer.

Colossus Bets’ COO, David O’Reilly said, “We are very pleased to partner with Pivit to develop and take to market our first fantasy jackpots. While liquidity in our football pools has gone from strength to strength, we have been actively working towards the diversification of our product to appeal to new audiences and geographies. This move has a clear US orientation but we are also seeing interest from other parts of our network.” Free-to-play and play-for-fun versions will also be offered as part of the roll-out effort, which will begin in early Q3 with a US focus. Pivit have a significant digital footprint with a potential reach of 3 million customers and have put in place a multi-channel digital marketing plan to support the launch.

Pivit’s acting Marketing and Business Development Officer, Robert S. Miller, commented, “This is an exciting development, which allows us to add to our suite of existing sweepstakes products, by adding a popular fantasy concept and big sports jackpots, which are highly engaging to a US customer. Having strong distribution from day 1 adds to the excitement and we expect many players to be excited to engage in this product, given the large potential prize pools.”

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